Software House dictionary: 30 terms you should know

Kasia Wolska on 22 January 2018

IT Dictionary, 30 words cover photo

Knowledge of IT vocabulary facilitates communication with the software house responsible for the implementation of a mobile or web application, or other digital product. In this way, the risk of misunderstanding between the client and the contractor is minimised and the decision-making process is accelerated. This knowledge saves time already at the stage of determining the scope of the project and selected technologies. That is why it is a good idea to become familiar with the concepts used in software production to effectively communicate and run the project.

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How to choose the right software house?

Appchance on 27 June 2017

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The process of creation of digital products depends on the choice of the right software provider. Therefore, defining your own preferences, good research and setting your requirements against the services provided should be an inseparable part of the decision-making process. There are a lot of software houses on the market that can boast various achievements. It doesn’t mean, however, that they will be the right partners for developing your product. While making the decision, it is important to specify your own requirements and create a checklist which will help you check the companies’ credibility and fit to your needs.

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