GAL, a family-owned pharmaceutical company with more than 25 years of experience, specialises in the manufacture of products from natural ingredients. The company decided to create an internal system to improve the efficiency of their telemarketers in regards to how they make contact with customers.

Our goal

Creating an easy and user-friendly CRM system for contact and employee management which optimizes the work and allows the telemarketers to achieve their sales goals.

Our work

We built a web application based on Elixir technology which enables Gal’s telemarketers to manage their customer base. The telemarketers can manage their list of clients in a simple way using a CRM system (segment them, add new ones, and check a contact’s history). We implemented a VoIP protocol that allows the users to make calls to the clients directly from the application. The administrator can manage employees and add information about free days and the employee's holidays to the calendar. The system comes with a reporting package which lets the administrator monitor the performance of GAL’s employees.

We were responsible for:

Tests testing the app
Web app
UX design
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your business using
a mobile app
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