We decided to create a tool making it easier to communicate among conference goers, organizers, speakers and sponsors. We had searched for a solution to quickly react to schedule changes and drive the attention of users where the organizer intended. We strived to make the communication quick for the parties involved and boosting the event experience. That’s why we created our own project, Confrenz.

Our goal

Creating the Confrenz platform with an event app which provides a number of communication functionalities during the event. Proposing a flexible solution that answers to the needs of various client groups. Focusing on working out technical aspects connected with the system’s efficiency.

Our work

The platform offers apps (native iOS and Android + HTML5) which enable event organizers boost the experience of their attendees during the event. The app works under the client’s brand and can be customized, helping the users to easily make business contacts, organize their time, or take part in discussions. The range of functionalities depends on the organizer’s preferences and is customized. The most popular features are: up-to-date agenda, 1v1 meeting setup option, contact search, and posting questions to speakers. Additionally, organizers can send push notifications to users, so it is possible to highlight the most important info. The apps have been used at around 140 clients, such as IAB Polska, Brand ManageCamp, Europejskie Forum Nowych Idei, Informa, Agora, Leroy Merlin Polska, BGŻ BNP Paribas. The biggest event we have covered was IoT World Forum in San Francisco, attracting as much as 5000 people.

We were responsible for:

iOS programming the iOS app
Android programming the Android app
Tests testing the app
Conceptual work workshops
Landing page creating the app’s landing page
CMS creation of the CMS panel
Web app
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