What can we offer you?

In addition to coffee and friendship, of course.

What do we do?

Our primary instinct is to build mobile applications, working with the native programming languages, as well as content management systems and network services which provide apps with data. Each time we start our work, we establish a clear aim, completed by technology and design.

Web Apps

We take care of all aspects of website and web application development. We realise the back-end is the engine, the heart of the app, and it has to be fast, expandable and well-structured. We also take care of the front-end, which makes our apps user-friendly and intuitive, without overloading the resources.

iOS Apps

The perfect mechanism of well-crafted system architecture and code quality is what we have mastered. This explains why our applications work fast and smoothly, giving you an opportunity to please your customers, no matter which device they use (iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch).

Android Apps

The multitude of devices makes the ‘pixel perfect’ attitude quite challenging. Fortunately, difficult tasks are something we are familiar with. Perhaps it is our inquiring attitude or maybe just the skills and that we use them properly. So, we are able to build apps which look good on any screen, load quickly and work efficiently.

IoT Solutions

We deliver device integration, cloud-based firmware update synchronization and we build apps that allow users to control their accessories remotely. We deliver software which helps live in a smart way.

UI/UX Design

Modern users do not forgive any mistakes. They have many options to choose from and can easily switch between them, so your design should stand out from the crowd. Every user story can be damaged and every user story can be supported by design. We go for the latter option, designing beautiful and clear apps.

  • Web Design
  • App design


We don’t believe in coincidental success. Or, rather, we will not recommend that you rely on fortune. Clear vision about where you want to be requires precisely defined methodologies of how you are going to get there. A good idea, brilliant technology and appealing design can only get you so far on the way to your business goals. What is crucial is the product and the promotion strategy, which gives you the opportunity to reach your customers.

  • Market analysis
  • Product development strategy
  • Promotion strategy
  • Development indicators
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