One of the biggest obstacles to maintaining regular physical activity is motivation. Finding internal strength to take an extra effort turns out to be easier with the support of others. Participation in classes organised by sports centers is associated with several permanent obstacles such as: predefined location, time of the classes and the level of skills. In addition, the aspect of building relationships between athletes does not exist. Therefore, SPRT, whose originators come from Berlin, decided to create a tool that allows the users to communicate and motivate each other and build a community around common sports interests.

Our goal

Creating an application which will be a tool for building communities around common sports passions dedicated for physically active people. Providing a system that will easily allow you to filter and search for interesting events, monitor them and communicate with other users.

Our work

SPRT allows you to integrate people fascinated by sport who want to train together. Users can create their own events, subscribe to other events, follow interesting profiles and communicate with each other. This way, the users gain not only a lot of interesting information, but also an opportunity to motivate each other. The application has many sport categories through which participants can filter events. In addition, thanks to the geolocation function, they can easily find events nearby. Push notifications are sent for every change associated with the user: followers and followings, events or chat messages. This way, the user not only receives all the necessary information, but is also constantly involved in the life of the sports community.

We were responsible for:

iOS programming the iOS app
Android programming the Android app
Tests testing the app
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