Quertes is an app that was created out of love for food and cooking, and disregard for food wasting. It enables home-chefs to share the food they cook for themselves and their families with anyone who wants to buy their meals. The Quertes app users get access to thousands of fresh and diverse dishes, and home-chefs limit the wasting and start earning money from the meals they make.

Our goal

Creation of a platform for exchanging value between people who don’t have time to prepare meals on their own and home-chefs who’d like to share the cost of theirs. We focused on the most important and necessary functionalities to get the shortest time from beginning their search to finishing the deal and creating a fully intuitive system.

Our work

We created a mobile app which brokers deals between home-chefs and customers forever seeking new sensations. Thanks to that, the cooks can put their meals up for sale and the customers can choose from a wide range of offers. The app enables you to filter through the best suited propositions, order custom meals, contact the chefs and buy via the app. The choice of various filter parameters (type, delivery, location, time, price) lets users adjust the results to the maximum.

We were responsible for:

iOS programming the iOS app
Android programming the Android app
Tests testing the app
Conceptual work workshops
Landing page creating the app’s landing page
CMS creation of the CMS panel
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