The scale of Polish war losses is over 63 thousand works of art, among which, there are such paintings from Polish and international creators as Jan Matejko, Stanisław Wyspiański, Rembrandt, or Rubens. The Communi Herditate Foundation aimed to create a system that would enable users to identify works of art stolen in Poland during World War 2.

Our goal

Using the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage’s database to identify the works and connecting it to an image recognition system. Ensuring the system’s preciseness when it comes to identification and quickness in delivering information to the server and instantaneous reporting on the transferred data.

Our work

We created the Artsherlock app which enables users to automatically recognize paintings stolen in Poland during World War 2 coming from public, private and church collections. The system uses automatic reporting of recognizing a painting, geolocation and connects to Ministry of Culture and National Heritage’s electronic database of Polish war losses. Additionally, the users can report on a missing work of art using a form. Within 24 hours from the app’s launch, the first identification of a painting came (a painting from Wilhelm Franz Schierz 1813-1887). Despite its niche character, the app had tens of thousands of downloads in 36 countries in a month after the launch.

We were responsible for:

iOS programming the iOS app
Android programming the Android app
Tests testing the app
Landing page creating the app’s landing page
CMS creation of the CMS panel
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