Interview with Miłosz Wójcik about the investment agreement between Vercom and Appchance.

Appchance on 29 August 2018

Vercom and Appchance

Vercom company signs an investment agreement with Appchance

Vercom, part of the technological group R22, signs an agreement with Appchance to acquire 23% of the company’s shares for 1.15 million PLN. The investment will enable Vercom to extend their service offer range, and Appchance to increase their operation range and the dynamics of its growth.

Vercom offers digital products in the SaaS model, Big Data technological solutions, Internet campaigns and supports the development of innovative start-ups.

Today, we are going to talk to the company’s CEO, Miłosz Wójcik, to learn more about the case.

Milosz Wojcik
Miłosz Wojcik, CEO

Selling your shares is a serious step in a company’s life. Why did Appchance decide to make it?

Indeed, selling our shares was a serious and difficult decision. Nonetheless, together with partners, we had considered such a scenario for some time for two reasons. First, if you want to scale your operations dynamically, you need capital which ensures you have cash flow and lets you take braver steps both in marketing and sales, and recruitment. In spite of Appchance being financially independent right from the start and always being profitable, the day-to-day earnings didn’t allow us to fully use the potential of our company.

Secondly, we always wanted to create our own SaaS product. This investment makes it possible. Apart from the capital, Vercom and R22 Group bring us extensive experience and competencies in creating and scaling such businesses.

Summing up, the investment will allow us to better use the potential of our company and the market in which we operate.

In what areas will Vercom and Appchance work with each other now?

Vercom’s board will be involved in the consulting process in Appchance. Already during the contract negotiations, we began co-operation on the strategy of development of Appchance’s service operations and on the strategy of the product we are soon going to build.

Apart from that, Vercom’s and R22’s portfolio companies have a wide range of clients who are potential clients for Appchance.

Then as Appchance, we bring Vercom know-how in mobile solutions which is a very important element of their strategy of product development in omnichannel communication.

What are the goals and challenges for Appchance?

We define goals together with our shareholders. For the service operations, it is a strong expansion on foreign markets and focusing on a few key segments for us. We have been providing our services to clients outside of Poland for years now, but now we are going to pursue a significant increase of foreign projects’ share in Appchance’s portfolio. We also have a clear financial objective – we want to grow 100% year by year. The second strategic goal is to build and effectively commercialize our new product. Both these objectives are ambitious and bring a lot of smaller challenges, which motivate us even more.

It looks like the company is going to have a lot of hard work to do. What do you wish for yourself and your team at this time?

Mostly, a lot of discipline in thinking and doing, because organized experimentation and drawing the right conclusions, and then using them systematically is the key to constant development. Also, I wish ourselves determination and courage in making decisions, as well as to boldly admit mistakes, lack of knowledge and ask your colleagues for help. We are a team and I want us to always remember that we can count on each other.


For more information about investors, please visit Vercom and R22 websites.


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