E-book on how to motivate IT employees.

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how does facebook motivate its employees




The IT industry is subject to highly dynamic change due to continuous innovations. Working with new technologies requires continuous learning and assimilation of new information. Therefore, managing a team of developers is a special challenge for managers. Programmers are often very demanding people, with very good technical skills, who prefer coding to dealing with organisational matters. That is why it is very important to know their motivations and make the right use of that knowledge.

Impact of management on IT employees performance

Reflecting on the impact of management on employee performance, we decided to verify this topic in 3 areas:

  • Sciences related to motivation,
  • best practices of top technology companies
  • primary research conducted among developers.

In the first place, we have reached for the available sources, research and opinions of experts, who deal with motivation or work with software developers.

When reviewing the companies we looked at teamwork at Google, Spotify and Quora, creating a short summary.

We conducted a survey with the participation of 195 people working in the IT industry who told us what motivates them, what demotivates them, the extent to which their employers use motivational techniques and how satisfied are they at work. 82% of those surveyed were developers who rated the parameters on a scale from 1 to 5. The study took place in June 2017 and was conducted using an internet survey.

A small qualitative analysis on management and motivation, based on the discussion that has taken place on online forums, is an additional bonus.

From the e-book you will learn, among others, how people working in the IT industry assessed the demotivating factors (based on the results of the quantitative analysis:)chart Ratings of demotivating factors on a scale from 1 to 5 - IT employeesAnd to what extent employers adjust motivation techniques to the employee’s needs:

chart assessment of the incentive system - IT employees

List of contents E-book on how to motivate IT employees:

02 Introduction
04 Specialists about motivating developers – desk research
10 Best practices – how do tech giants do it
13 A survey on motivating people in IT
22 Conclusions
23 Sources

If you are still hesitating, download a shortened version, look inside and check it’s value.


Or download the full version of the e-book and build a motivated team. Sign in and unlock the content.




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